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SARACO is a comprehensive single-source manufacturing, civil contracting, and MEP design company that caters to both industrial and residential sectors in Lebanon and the MENA region. Our engineers bring you more than 20 years of experience in direct operation, production, research & development, quality control, customer service and logistics.

SARACO offers the products and services that constitute the building blocks for high-performing design. We supply construction trades including site utilities, solid surfaces, steel and aluminum fittings, and carpentry. Our in-house manufacturing plants in the Far East, Arab Gulf, and Lebanon give you the geographic and cost advantage.

Whether your project involves a residential tower, villa, hotel or infrastructure works, SARACO is up for the challenge. Depending on your needs, we can handle everything turnkey or manage only designated aspects of a project.
Get triple the benefits with our triple focus. Let us put our capabilities to work for you.



  • Founded in Beirut in 1994, SARACO today is a nationally recognized full-service firm with production facilities in China, Lebanon, and Dubai.
    As we design and produce the products we work with, we can control key aspects of execution and foresee needs on various levels. Our customers value our capacity to enhance quality and accelerate schedules.
    Over the course of two decades, SARACO has gained valuable experience in providing the resources needed to actualize large developments. Our multimillion-dollar projects across multiple sectors are concrete proof of how we deliver on our commitments. All our operations are managed by highly qualified engineers and supervisors.


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